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That`s me!

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After I learned graphic design I knew I need to work more with my hands and so I learned photography for another three years. Afterwards I moved to Hamburg for my own development and creative possibilities. 

For now I´m in business since 2007 and still happily open to all influences and people it brings to my daily life. All needs and ideas are welcome - let's do something together.



Graphic Design



since then


Hello skills! - thanks to these years I earned a lot of creative basics and skills, software and hardware. Till today I benefit from this and it makes it easier to have the whole production in mind. 

Those three years at a typical "one boss and three trainees" business and so we had to work like full employee. Mainly we worked in business and product as well as in architecture. 

So here we are... small town girl took the midnight train to the huge world of Advertising Photography and well, learned a lot.  Today I´m a save choice when working on location, on set, with or without models, in big teams, under pressure or whatever may come. 

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